Chelsea Girl


**goes up to size 12

@ adjustable waist is available

! online only

Delightful Details I Feel Charming

At Ease That Girl

Off to School

Ivory Short Sleeve Striped Tee**16.50 Ivory Long Sleeve Striped Tee**16.50

Pink Short Sleeve Striped Tee**16.50 Pink Long Sleeve Striped Tee**16.50

Long Sleeve Striped Tee16.50 Short Sleeve multi-Stripe Tee16.50

Short Sleeve Charming Tee**19.50 Long Sleeve Charming Tee**19.50

Shawl Collar Sweater Jacket**28.50 Shawl Collar Sweater Jacket**28.50

Striped Hooded Sweater Duster**42.00 Sequin Trim Velour Hoodie**28.00

Short Sleeve Brooch Tee**22.50 Long Sleeve Brooch Tee**22.50

Short Sleeve A-line Flower Tee24.00 Long Sleeve A-line Flower Tee24.00

Triple Flower Button Tee19.50 Pink Short Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee12.50

Pink Long Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee12.50 Blue Short Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee12.50

Blue Long Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee**12.50 Long Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee**12.50

Corsage Denim Jacket**39.00 Embroidered Charm Sweater**34.00

Corsage Sweater Top**28.00 Flower Applique A-line Top24.00

Short Sleeve Necklace Tee**19.50 Long Sleeve Necklace Tee**19.50

Short Sleeve Ditsy Woven Top**24.00 Long Sleeve Ditsy Woven Top**24.00



Charm Bracelet Cord Pant**@34.00 Sequin Trim Velour Pant**20.00

Pinstripe Jean**@36.00 Floral Print Knit Pant20.00


Basic Legging12.50 Navy Legging12.50

Basic Legging12.50 Charm Bracelet Print Legging14.50

Ditsy Print Legging14.50

Short Sleeve Dot Knit Dress34.00 Long Sleeve Dot Knit Dress34.00

Chelsea Floral Knit Dress**34.00

Denim 2-Pocket Skort**@19.50 Blue 2-Pocket Skort**@19.50

Pink 2-Pocket Skort**@19.50 Chelsea Floral Print Skort**26.00

Pinstripe Skort**@26.00


Knee Sock5.25 Knee Sock5.25 Navy Charm Sock5.00

Flower Sock5.00 Flower Sock5.00 Dog Sock5.00

Flower Knee Sock6.00

Striped Tight12.00 Flower Tight12.00

Jeweled Belt12.00 Crown and Heart Charms8.00 Dog and Bow Charms8.00

Suede Bow Purse16.00 Denim Backpack29.00 Dog Bag14.00

Knit Beret14.00 Page Boy Hat14.00

Rhinestone Bow Clip5.00 Striped Flower Pony Holders5.00 Rhinestone Bow Clip5.00

Corsage Hair Clip5.00 Glitter Snap Clips6.00 Corduroy Bow Headband7.00

Heart Pony Holders6.00 Pink Bow Headband7.00 Floral Curly Loops5.00

Corkscrew Curlies5.00

Pink Suede Clog34.00 Pink Suede Clog34.00

Navy Mary Jane
36.00 Navy Mary Jane36.00

Pointelle Ruffle Cardigan32.00 Pleated A-line Top24.00

Embroidered Flower Tee24.00 Striped Cardigan32.00

Short Sleeve Button Flower Tee19.50 Dog Velour Hoodie26.00

Dog and Bone Sweater30.00 Flower Corsage Sweater32.00

Ditsy Flower Woven A-line Top24.00 Long Sleeve Corsage Tee24.00

Short Sleeve Ivory Striped Tee19.50 Long Sleeve Ivory Striped Tee19.50

Short Sleeve Charming Tee19.50 Long Sleeve Charming Tee19.50

Short Sleeve Peter Pan Bodysuit16.50 Long Sleeve Peter Pan Bodysuit16.50

Long Sleeve Ruffle-Collar Bodysuit
12.50 Short Sleeve Ruffle-Collar Bodysuit12.50

Long Sleeve Ruffle Collar Bodysuit12.50 Short Sleeve Ruffle Collar Bodysuit12.50

Short Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee
12.50 Long Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee

Long Sleeve Lace-Trim Tee12.50

Velour Bow Pant24.00 Pink Double-Ruffle Knit Pant16.50

Navy Double-Ruffle Knit Pant16.50 Tie Belt Crop Pant30.00

Cropped denim Pant with Bow Accent30.00 Flower Pocket Corduroys30.00

Ivory Stripe Legging14.50 Charm Bracelet Print Legging14.50

Ditsy Floral Legging14.50

Blue Sweater Knit Dress36.00 Ditsy Flower Knit Dress32.00

Floral Embroidery Jumper32.00 Dog Jumper32.00

Blue Bow Skirt26.00

Pink Pooch Puppy Love

Grandma's Favorite Baby Blues

In Full Bloom


(info was sent in by several people - I have not seen the lookbook/Gymmap)

Navy, Medium Pink, Ivory - Big Florals and Mini
Florals, Pinstripes, Denim. Icons are Charms - Bows, Heart, Crowns, and

Baby Girl has some pieces with a Hound Dog (cute) not a poodle and
not a scotty dog.


 (thanks to Rachel Shubin at and nataliesknickknacks for the tier 1 list)

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