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Line Id's

Follow the steps below to identify which line you have!


Your first step in identifying a Gymboree Line is looking at the tag...

1. Does the inside tag have a year on it?

If it have a year on the inside tag - your job will be so easy! Normally tags are made the year its in production before it hits the store. So if its says 2004 - than look at the 2005 lines. Make sure if its a smaller size (example - 3months) that you look at both the Newborn and the Kid/Baby Lines.

I've tried putting smaller pictures by the line so you can take a quick glimpse before having to open the entire page. Thanks to tons of ladies for making them!!

2. Does either the outside tag or inside tag have the 'Gymboree' name in orange and have 9 dots in a square pattern?

(thank you to ladies who sent in the outlet tag pictures!)

Then its an outlet line. Most of the outlet lines are repeats with different twist from the lines the year before at the retail store. We don't currently have an outlet section but you can go to the year on the tag and search that year in the Gymboree Lines to find it.

3. Do you have the outside price tag?

The price tags have a name on it like '04 GYM Spring' at the very top - you can go to the Kid/Baby lines and search the 04 lines that have that tag line. Very easy!


Is it a vintage line? Than you can find Older Gymbore Line Tags at the link below


Still can't figure it out?

That's ok go to Gymbohaven's Facebook page and post a comment and picture asking what the line is.

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