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First, welcome to the world of Reselling!

Now that you've followed all the sales, used your gymbucks and gotten everything dirt cheap - its time to resell your clothes for next season!


When to Sell

the best way to sort your clothing is by season - each month shows what's best to sell and when

  • Jan - Spring clothes start now - capris, light weight jackets. Put all Winter items away or in your online store (possibly on markdown). List your Valentines, St Pattys and Easter outfits now.
  • Feb - Spring is still strong (spring break!) with bathing suits, towels, beach wear. Easter outfits still good.
  • March - Summer sales start now, short sets, sundresses, sandals. Put all your Spring stuff in your store on markdown or away for next season.
  • April - Vacation clothing! Family sets work great.
  • May - .Summer is still good, slowing at the end of the month
  • June - 4th of July clothing - slow month
  • July - Back to school shopping begins for fall items. Don't forget the shoes, backpacks, hair pieces, sweaters and jackets.
  • August - Fall items are great!
  • Sept - Fall is still good - Halloween outfits and costumes start flying now
  • Oct - Winter clothing starts kicking off - Don't forget boots, coats, hats, gloves and scarves. Christmas and Holiday outfits, family outfits - fancier attire
  • Nov - Finish off you Winter clothing and put away all fall items or list them in your store on markdown - NWT items as people are buying for gifts
  • Dec - take the month off and enjoy the holidays after auctions end on the 8th... giving more than 2 wks for things to arrive for the holiday, unless someone is wanting to pay overnight or express shipping on an item.

Looking to know when to list a 3, 5, 7 or 10 day auction?

This is the best site I've seen -


Where to Sell

Ebay - selling on ebay by far reaches the most people - list items directly on ebay or have an ebay store. What's the benefit of an ebay store? Well if you have a large amt of inventory and its past that time to sell it (winter clothes in Jan) you can list them and let them sit at a set amount. Still having them accessible.

Store Fee: $15.95 - $299.95
Listing Fee: $.10 and up
Transaction Fee: 8.75% and up

And there are online groups like: - is a place dedicated to dressing up those kids in Gymboree, Gap, Matilda Jane, Boden, and more.  We have new line chat and pictures, share upcoming sale info, discuss our kids, and talk with other moms.  Our Buy/Sell/Trade section is loaded with new deals each day on new and used items at low prices.  It's FREE to register and browse the forum and only $1.99 per month to become a seller! - We try to approve new members within 24 hours.  We love chatting about all kinds of children's clothing, including Janie and Jack, Mini Boden, Gap, Gymboree, Naartjie, NEXT, Hanna, Boutique Brands and custom clothing. If its cute, we'll talk about it! JJP Members also have exclusive access to the JJP Marketplace, where we buy, sell or trade new or gently used clothing. We often find incredible deals or those hard-to-find pieces to complete collections.

We offer 3 different memberships:
monthly for $4
6 months for $15
12 months for $39
and gives you access to the entire forum. - it's $29.99/yr for unlimited listings. (or, $9.99/3 mo., $3.99/mo).   There are no additional fees, except for the clips that Paypal takes which are outside our control. No end of sale commissions, add-ons, or extra charges.  Everything is listed for the price wanted - all buy now format.  Listings last for 30 days, but can be re-listed for free.

We also offer a Sellers' Guarantee -- if you don't sell anything in your first paid subscription period, your next equivalent period is on us. So, if you pay for 3 months at $9.99 and sell nothing, we'll rebate you $9.99 for your next 3 months.

One of the most unique things about LoobaLee is our payment approach, which eliminates the Non-Paying Buyer issue.

Just For You!  Get Your 60 Days of Selling Free!

Enter in the “Referred By” Box when you register your  User Name for a free account.


How to Sell



- Remember not to get attached to your clothes - I know its hard not to do. If you have really special ones, keep them aside for the next one or as a keepsake for when they have babies of thier own. I know I have a box full in the basement of my all time favorite sets that I couldn't part with.

Know your pricing! Do a little research by looking at closed auction on ebay - start by searching the line name and size - then on the left side click 'closed listing' - this will show you what's sold in the last 30 days and at what price.

I know some ladies love the .99 cent auctions but I don't care for them, most of the time they don't reach the sale price I wanted.

Grouping your items -

If you have sets - top, bottom, socks or hair - put them together.

If you have several pieces from a line but not enough to do sets - list them individually and make sure to put that you have matching items listed.

List all the same line together (all corrdinating auctions on the same day)



- Judge the condition your item is in - fair (playwear with a rip or stain), good (no stains or tears, with wash wear), excellent (very little wash wear, almost new) or new (still has the tags on). Make sure to put it in the title if its NWT (New With Tag).

Make sure to explain if there are any issues with the item(s) - take pictures of it if possible. It's best to be as honest as possible. I was always told my items were better than expected and I had tons of repeat customers due to this.



- Use Ebay's free picture. But use another source to host the rest of your pictures. Why pay Ebay? lol

SellerSourceBook - hosting, uploading directly to Ebay and has templates made2match gymboree.

Don't forget to type 8BB48 into the coupon code box and get 10% off any SellerSourceBook subscription.


Auctiva - its a free hosting site or as cheap as 2.95 a month. You can even list straight from Auctiva to ebay.

PhotoBucket - free with 500GB and 10GB of bandwidth - but the next step up the Pro Account is 24.95 for the year! Pro accounts allow users up to 25 GB of storage (about 25,000 images) with a file size of up to 2 MB per file, image sizes of up to 4000 x 3000, slide shows with up to 50 images per slide show, video uploads of up to 10 minutes in length, a 10-percent discount on ordered prints, FTP support, premium tech support and unmetered bandwidth.

BiggerBids - for someone really listing and wanting to bump up their auctions, its 8.95 a month- unlmitied.


Tips on taking pictures -

Take them on a solid background, white or black. Use a tablecloth or posterboard. Don't take them on the floor, bedding or carpet.

Take a close up of the detail in an item, the more effect your put in the more money you will get in return.



Ship your auctions in plastic bags to keep all moisture and dirt out.

Include a thank you note (small cute post-it works great) if you want to have repeat buyers.

Shipping from Paypal

This works great!! Even with out having them pay with paypal you can ship using your paypal money! Include First Class shipping too :)

USPS - Ship From Home

Easy, FREE to use printing from home - I print and tape the paper on the package and off it goes.

My mailman even picks it up for me!

What I loved best was the USPS shipped me my supplies for free right to my front door!


If this isn't enough...

HereComesTheStork - is a great place to learn from other sellers what works, where they list and how they list.

HereComesTheStork has given us a special code for 20% off their subscriptions - GYMBOHAVEN - have fun ladies!!

Here Comes The Stork-Your Guide to Selling Online!





Download it free from Ebay - helps you upload you auctions faster

(Turbolister is not available for Mac users)


Paypal Calculator 

Trying to make sure you get the right amt of money with all the fees!


Extra Tip - Organize your clothes ahead of time. Store them in sealed clear/see through containers (I used to love the 70qrt buckets), write on a label on the outside with the lines names inside, store seasons together and put the hair accessories/socks in a baggie in the same container as the clothes.
Same line, same size, same season = easy selling later.


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